The book about the engine factory Oberursel: 

1892 - 2017
125 Jahre Motorenfabrik Oberursel
Wandel gehört zum Leben - Change is part of life

The Oberursel engine factory has always been one of the largest
industrial companies and employers in Oberursel.
Their eventful industrial history, spanning well over 125 years, is described by Helmut Hujer, who worked at this plant for over fifty years from 1961 on.


Just in time for the 125th anniversary of the Motorenfabrik Oberursel, this detailed book on the history of this historic Oberursel industrial site was published in September 2017. This print for the friends of the history of the engine factory comprises 896 richly illustrated pages in DIN A4 format. The book (in German) can be viewed and purchased at the Geschichtskreis Motorenfabrik Oberursel in the Werksmuseum Motorenfabrik Oberursel for a nominal fee of 50 €, also in the Vortaunusmuseum in Oberursel or be ordered  (also as an e-book) for mail delivery: 

Geschichtskreis Motorenfabrik Oberursel e.V.
c/o Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG
Hohemarkstr. 60 - 70
61440 Oberursel

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