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The factory museum cannot be visited at the moment. Due to the pandemic situation, Rolls-Royce is severely restricting visitor traffic, including at the Oberursel plant. We ask for your understanding.

Visit to the Company Museum

Welcome to Rolls-Royce Deutschland  at the Oberursel plant

General notes for the visit to the company museum
at Rolls-Royce Deutschland, Willy-Seck-Str. 1, 61440 Oberursel.

The museum is open normally from January to November on the last Friday of each month, excluding public holidays and bridging days, from15.00 to 18.00 Hrs.

The visit to the works museum on general opening days is provided as a guided tour only. Booking is possible in advance by email. Register at least two days prior to the date of the desired visit.  You will be informed if spaces are available on the requested date. The number of visitors is limited.

Guided tours take place at 15:00 and 16:30 on general opening days respectively.
The minimum age for visitors to the museum is 14 years; the museum is not barrier-free and is only partially suitable for people with a reduced mobility.
Since the museum is located on the Rolls-Royce site, access for visitors from "risk states" cannot be granted in every case.

An official ID card (identity card, passport, etc.) must be presented before being granted access to the site.

A visit to the museum is possible only under the following pre-requisites during the ongoing pandemic:
>  Wearing of an FFP2 face mask
> Presentation of a negative Covid test (PoC-antigen-quick test or a PCR test), which may not be older than 24 hours when entering the premises
> Proof of a completed second vaccination (15 days after the second vaccination)
> Presentation of a PCR test certification, which confirms the recovery from a covid infection and is older than 28 days, but not older than 6 months
> Presentation of a PCR test, which confirms the recovery from a covid infection and is older than 6 months plus a vaccination certificate
confirming the first vaccination

For the purpose of tracking possible routes of infection (and also for entry into the factory premises), Rolls-Royce Germany is obliged to collect the following data from each visitor:

Name, first name
Postcode, town/city
Street and house number
ID card or passport number
Telephone number
E-mail address

Please submit this data when pre-registering.
Pre-register at the latest two days prior to the date of the desired visit.

The information and regulations listed in the Visitor Regulations (information sheet for visitors to the Works Museum) apply when visiting the museum.

Admission fee: 2,50 Euro per person / donations welcome !
Contact: or 

Further Information, as well as the instructions for visitors can be found in the "General notes and instructions for visitors to the works museum”.   


Instructions for Visitors of the Factory Museum | 1.8.2021