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Welcome to Rolls-Royce Deutschland
at the Oberursel plant

Because of its position inside a secure Rolls-Royce manufacturing facility, visits to the museum must follow specific rules. Furthermore, the well being and safety of our visitors as well as our employees are important to us.
Therefore, please observe the following information and rules, which you accept without reservation after having received this leaflet or after having been informed about its content and when you enter the factory premises:

 Access to the premises and to the museum is permitted only
- after personal registration at the reception,
- when escorted at all time by a designated tour guide,
- after completion of the safety briefing in accordance with this leaflet,
- after receipt of the visitor’s badge and receipt or presentation of the “Instructions for Visitors of the Factory Museum”.

 Entering the factory premises is at your own risk and of your own free will. The premises and the museum are not barrier free. Visitors are restricted to the area around the museum and on the direct route to / from the museum.

 The visitor badge must be visibly worn all time

 On the premises, increased carefulness is required all time. Particular attention is required regarding vehicles like forklifts etc. Use the sidewalks or walk along the edge of the traffic areas.

 No liability can be assumed for personal belongings and valuables.

 Visitors under the age of 14 years must be accompanied by a legal representative. Furthermore, the form „Rechtsverbindliche Erklärung gegenüber der Fa. Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG“ has to be completed and be signed by the legal representative.

 It is prohibited to carry along dangerous objects or dangerous substances.

 Pets are not allowed.

 Smoking is prohibited on the premises and may only be tolerated at designated smoking areas.

 Photographing and filming are prohibited on the premises. In the local area of the museum this may be permitted after consultation with the designated tour guide.

 Notice regarding personal data and their use: During any events, including tours of the museum and other parts of the premises, we often take pictures and films, some of which are then pub-lished on our website, in our social media channels and/or in oth-er publications. If you do not wish to be involved you need to in-form the designated tour-guide or the photographer on site beforehand.

 Please do not touch any exhibits, there is a risk of injury, contamination and / or damage.

 The instructions of the designated tour guide must be obeyed all time.

When leaving the company premises, the visitor badge must be returned at the reception.

In case of emergency :

Emergency telephone number:

+49 6171 90 6666 or +49 173 599 8537

First aid: At the security office in building 9039 (reception area at the factory entrance)

Fire alarm / alarm: Leave the building immediately, the escape routes are marked. Go to the meeting point where you will receive further instructions. Follow the instructions of the security staff and your designated tour guide.


Instructions for Visitors of the Factory Museum; Version 2019-0302- G. Hujer